Do Geese Bite?

GooseThe simple answer is yes. Any animal that feels threatened will do what it can to survive and this includes clawing, scratching and in some cases biting. While geese don’t have sharp fangs such as a wolf, they can bite down pretty hard and if children are the victims of an attack this experience can be traumatic and painful.

When left alone geese are not aggressive and they are not predatory, meaning they are not hunters and are not looking to kill. However, during the spring mating season and when baby geese are born, adult geese will become very defensive and if someone or something should wander too close to their nest you can expect a reaction.

Before a goose gets to the stage of biting they will send out a number of warnings to let someone know trouble is brewing. Most geese will start to flap their wings, elicit a hissing sound and stamp their feet when they feel threatened. Again, not being predatory, geese are not looking for a fight and would rather avoid any contact. It’s only when their warnings have been ignored that these grazing birds will become aggressive.

Geese do have teeth and if you are bitten it can puncture the skin and draw blood. If this happens you need to get medical attention to cleanse the wound and prevent any bacteria from causing an infection. More often than not a goose will peck with its beak before it bites but you can never predict the behavior of a wild animal. A goose bite is very rare and it is often provoked by someone being stupid. Harassing geese, getting too close to their nests and taunting are all bad ways to behave around geese. Also remember that geese tend to gather in flocks which means if you pick on one you can expect others to have his back.

When you see Canada geese do your best to avoid them. If they are on your property and you want them to leave, contact Geese Relief and have the job done professionally by trained goose dogs.

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